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Up To 100 HP And 4 Wheel DrivePickups
29,000 lbs.
1 1/4"
Up To 140 HP
40,000 lbs.
1 1/2"
Over 140 HP
70,000 lbs.
4 Wheel Drive Tractors
105,000 lbs.
2 1/2"
Earth Moving Equipment
140,000 lbs.
THE PRICE IS RIGHT The cost of 1 1/2" Nylon Tow Rope is about 1/2 less cost, yet three times stronger when compared to high test 1/2" chain.
NYLON TOW ROPES WILL PUT A WHOLE NEW DIMENSION in your stuck and troubled times. With a Nylon Tow Rope you can move badly stuck trucks, tractors, combines, or other stuck units with ease, less power and weight, when compared to chain or cable.
NYLON TOW ROPES ARE VERY STRONG. For instance, the best 1/2" high test chain has a break of about 14,500 lbs. The 1" nylon rope is about double that strength; the 1 1/4" nylon rope is about three times that strength; the 1 1/2" nylon rope is about five times that strength; and the 2" nylon rope is over seven times that strength.
NYLON TOW ROPES STRETCH OVER 33 PERCENT and this coupled with the high break strength, is what makes it work. Just back up and throw the towing vehicle into the Tow Rope with all the momentum, speed, weight and traction working to your greatest advantage. A much smaller towing vehicle will do a much bigger job with a Nylon Tow Rope when compared to a chain or cable.
WARNING CONCERNING THE STRETCH Don't put chains and the like on the end of my Tow Ropes. Why? Because they are not available with comparable strength, and are dangerous unless stronger. I recommend using a good round clevis of a size comparable to the Tow Rope. I also recommend good tow hooks and towing balls (a medium to large trailer ball is excellent for bolting on side of tractor or where needed). If you have to use chain to reach your equipment or make a hook-up, be sure to use several strands to get strength comparable to our Nylon Tow Rope.
WHEN APPLYING POWER BEYOND OUR RECOMMENDATIONS, cut a gauge line (twine or small rope one-third longer than your Tow Rope), fasten the gauge line on the same places as your tow rope and when the gauge line becomes taut or tight, use additional power with caution and judgment.
WHEN ORDERING, specify length and diameter. Remember the length is the cut length. If you want thimbles, specify W/T. All ropes are quoted with both ends braided back with loop for clevis, tow hook or ball. If a special length is needed, specify length and diameter.
Tow Ropes Dakota
Fawcett Handcrafted Nylon Tow Ropes Stretch Over 35%
And Are Many Times STRONGER Than Chain


The NEW METHOD of "UNSTICKING" the tough ones. Here's why: 1" rope is about double the strength as the best 1/2" chain. The 1 1/4" rope is about three times the strength as 1/2" chain. The 1 1/2" rope is about five times the strength of 1/2" chain. The stretch is 35 percent...which allows gaining momentum and traction with the weight working for you.
The stretch factor makes moving badly stuck Trucks, Tractors, Combines or other stuck equipment, many times easier when compared to chain or cable.
The use of NYLON TOW ROPE often allows moving stuck equipment with half the power and weight. The cost and weight is a fraction of the top 1/2" log chain. NYLON TOW ROPES are available with a plain braided loop or with Alloy Hooks.
Nylon is susceptible only to cutting and extreme heat and should not be dragged.
DO NOT wrap the Nylon Tow Rope around anything sharp or with square edges.

Advantages, Precautions, And Ordering Instructions For Fawcett Custom Made Nylon Tow Ropes
Diameter Tensil Strength Cut Length Hooks
    20ft. 25ft. 30ft. 40ft.  
1" each end 29,000 lbs X X X X X
1 1/4" each end 40,000 lbs X X X X X
1 1/2" each end 70,000 lbs X X X X X
2" each end 105,000 lbs X X X X X
2 1/2" each end 140,000 lbs X X X X X
3" each end 200,000 lbs   X X    
Special Orders Handled to Length, Size, OR Order Length-Diameter for Special Needs
Fawcett Custom Made Nylon Tow Ropes
Strongest • More Stretch • No Rot • Lowest Cost
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